What are your values?

Think about it for a moment. I’ll wait here.

For me, this question is tricky to answer, since I’m not totally sure what a value is and what one isn’t. The definition I’m working with at the moment is that a value is an irreducible good. It’s the end of the “why” chain. Why did you take this job? Because the money’s good. Why is that important to you? Because I want to donate a lot to charity. Why donate to charity? Because it’s unjust that children die by the thousands of cholera when the trivial amount of wealth it would take to completely eliminate cholera exists sitting in bank accounts in the US. Why is it bad for things to be unjust? It just is. That’s the end of the why chain, and justice is the fundamental value uncovered.

In theory, every action you take and every judgement you make should unwind to a fundamental value that you hold.

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