Writing prompts

One of the disadvantages for me of writing in the morning is that I don’t usually have one clear idea of what I want to write about. In the 30 minutes I have on the train to write these posts, I don’t have enough time to both learn something and write about it—so I have to write about things that I can just dump out of my head. Usually in the course of deciding what to write about, over the course of a few minutes maybe five things surface and begin to take shape in my mind, before being discarded because I don’t have enough information to write about it, I don’t think it’s interesting enough, or I don’t have a well-formed opinion.

So here are some things for me to come back to. I think I can write at least one post about any of these without learning anything new.

  • 100:10:1
  • Making games as a hobby
  • Strong typing and Clojure
  • Urban design and the perpetually imperfect
  • I’m terrified of being unexceptional
  • Long-term games
  • Competition and Reinventing Organizations
  • Wholeness according to Integral Theory
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Burnout
  • NVC at work
  • Minecraft, and how time spent makes things valuable
  • Interstitial places in San Francisco
  • Tactical urbanism
  • Dopamine
  • Random access mnemonics (Moonwalking with Einstein)
  • Long projects and incremental progress
  • Productivity culture
  • Modular origami
  • TIS-100, ComputerCraft, Boilerplate
  • Hanabi
  • Basic income
  • Choice blindness; we don’t pay attention to the things we aren’t choosing

That should last me a while.

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